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If you have an old car that’s not worth repairing, or a broken down car that is not fit for purpose, don’t let it take up space on your property. Car scrapping Purley are your car scrapping specialists and offer a quality and reliable service throughout Surrey designed to remove and scrap unwanted vehicles.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the most significant benefits of car scrapping is its environmental impact. Old vehicles release harmful chemicals into the air and can damage soil and water sources. By scrapping your vehicle, you’re helping to reduce this impact on the environment. At our car scrapping service, we adhere to environment regulations during the de-pollution process, ensuring that the vehicle is recycled into reusable materials.

Financial Incentives

Scrapping your car doesn’t just benefit the environment; it can also be financially beneficial to you. At our car scrapping service, we pay competitive rates for end-of-life vehicles. You may be surprised at the amount you can receive for your old car, which can help offset the cost of buying something new. Additionally, scrapping your car eliminates the ongoing costs of repairs and maintenance associated with an older vehicle.

Convenient and Fast Service

Our car scrapping service offers a convenient and fast way to dispose of your vehicle. We offer a car collection service, so you don’t have to worry about transporting the vehicle to us. Our experienced operators will collect the vehicle at a suitable time and can even assist with paperwork completion.

Compliance with Regulations

There are specific regulations involved with car disposal, and it’s important to utilize a service that complies with them. At our car scrapping service, we are registered with the London Borough of Croydon and the environment agency. Our adherence to regulations means that your vehicle will be disposed of responsibly and legally.

Ethical Decision

Scrapping your vehicle is not only an environmentally and financially responsible decision, but it’s also ethically sound. Often, people decide to keep their old vehicle out of a sense of attachment or nostalgia. However, an older car can be a hazard on the roads and can also be costly to maintain. Scraping it is the most ethical decision for both you and the environment.

What Do We Do?

We’ll take your car away, and pay you a fair price for it. You’ll not only have extra space where your vehicle had been left, but you will also get some money towards buying a new vehicle.

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    • Fully licensed – All your details submitted are secured safely and you don’t need to worry about your privacy.
    • Quality service – Our service is designed to cover all bases at all times.
    • Get cash for your car – Get quick and easy money for your unwanted vehicles.
Rather than leaving your old car on your drive to rust and decay, you can turn it into cash. We even arrange to collect it from you! The team at are on hand to take your call, arrange a time to visit your chosen location and purchase your unwanted vehicle.Car Scrapping Purley

Doing Your Part

Did you know that by recycling your car, you can help the environment and your pocket? We will ensure that your unwanted car is recycled at a depollution centre, and you’ll get a certificate of destruction, so you can reclaim unused road tax from the DVLA.

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